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Christopher Dapo and S.

Joined 5 years ago from Havelock, NC. Last activity 3 weeks ago.

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There are TWO authors under this profile, Christopher Dapo and the one who goes by the initial S.

- Chris - 

Jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, involved in everything from the massive spectrum of the arts to the high-tech wizadry of social economics. He's a kind soul willing to go the extra mile to bring out a smile. Among his writings you will find a plethora of subjects ranging from the timid to the insane. Enjoy!

 - S. -

Some of S's hobbies are reading, writing, painting, watching movies, and singing rock 'n roll and oldies tunes. S. admires and respects the underdog and is a huge supporter of victim's rights.


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    Budget-Friendly Blackberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

    2 years ago

    Being lovers of everyday chocolate chip cookies, we decided to share this spin on the traditional. Using a simple and affordable dollar store cookie mix, and our recent harvest of wild blackberries, we came up with some...

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    The Sociopath - An Awareness Article By S

    2 years ago

    A rational, caring person knows that it is wrong to prey on others, especially the weak. Awareness could save lives. That is why I write about these disgusting degenerates. I wish that society were safer but we have all...

  • 34

    Card Game 31

    2 years ago

    Rules to the card game 31, along with tips and play strategies, and a place you can ask questions about the rules.

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    MTG - Magic The Gathering Deck Ideas

    2 years ago

    This is an article showing some Magic - The Gathering Trading Card Game deck ideas that I've used to play games with. A lot of the strategy involved in the game can be seen in these examples of powerful deck ideas that...

  • 22

    MTG - Magic The Gathering Deck Building

    2 years ago

    MTG - Magic The Gathering Deck Building is here to both introduce newcomers to MTG as well as help any players construct a new deck of their own or seek information on rules or tips on playing.

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